Submitted by Shado on Nov. 9, 2018, 11:27 a.m.

Transfer Bitcoins from your Wallet into your Credit Card, bank account

Transfer Bitcoins from your Wallet into your Credit Card, bank account or PayPal for free

Contact us via Whatsapp +1(386)222-0521

Long awaited and now available. Transfer and cash out your bitcoins completely ANONYMOUS. No one knows who the card holder of this Credit card is. Even Visa or MasterCard don´t knows.

Order easy from our shop. Just order the amount you want to send in the card. After ordering follow the instruction. Pay the BTC to our wallet address and get an instant email confirmation. You can login to our CC Server with your email and password we sent you.

You can check the amount you sent and use the cc card instantly as a virtual cash card. After 3-5 Days your real plastic VISA or MASTERCARD will arrive with a letter. It is a numbered anonymous card with no name on. You can use it worldwide on any ATM

- Daily limit 15 000 US$

- No monthly limit

- Full CC with PIN and VCC. Address and name can be defined by yourself in the user interface.

- Instantly usable. Never an ID required. No limitations.

- Transaction History in your user interface.

- Can be used to buy everything and for confirm of any confirmation of accounts.

- Recharge easy. Just order new and fill your special tracking PIN in. The amount will be automatic added after 3 confirmations of the Block chain.

The Card is not any of the well-known (and must suspicious for payments) Bitcoin-Credit card! It’s a secluded credit card issued from an offshore bank in the Caribbean.
There are NO Fees. Never ever. Everything is paid if you order or recharge from us.
Contact Us via Whatsapp +1(386)222-0521


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