Submitted by SHILL on Aug. 26, 2018, 7:44 p.m.

Identity change?

Really want to change my identity but it seems realy hard. I have no idea where to start. Has anyone successfully done this before in the past? Any ideas of ever where to start? Anything helps.


  • SHILL Nov. 30, 2018

    deepdotweb has a great tutorial on how to stay anonymous online but this guide also contains a great opsec tutorial on this topic. Changing identity takes a Big commitment as getting fake papers probably is the easiest part the hard part is breaking with your current life and never come back. At first this seems easy but keep in mind you have to break with everybody you know, family, friends, your pet(joke) and you can never return or your new identity is compromised. You need to keep your online presence at a bear minimum. No pictures, no facebook, no twitter you need to become a ghost after changing identity. You should avoid making new friends. Don't have any routines that can compromise you so work, hobbies etc can become a problem. But all this depends on how big your need of a new identity is if you are just a teenager who wants to be cool with a fake passport just don't it can get you in a lot of trouble. If your life,freedom or health is at risk you should go through great lengths.

  • trapg8d Sept. 3, 2018

    really look into identity farming. PlasticA is great vendor. they have long time used this to create identities