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Tut*** Pentest Final

Time to Become a Penetration Tester

If you followed the steps I provided then going from a complete noob (knew nothing about security, networking etc) to penetration tester will take around 5 to 7 years. This time will obviously be shorter if you are already in the IT field, have gone to college for computer science or related field etc. So if you start at the age of 16 you can probably get a penetration tester job by 23 or so, not bad. I started much later in life and it took me about 6 years from starting college to getting hired as a penetration tester. By now you will be very versed in infosec and related technologies. Your resume will be great, multiple certs, multiple jobs showing a clear climb in expertise and desire to improve yourself. You will be more qualified then most people who are applying to Penetration Tester jobs. 100% if you apply to enough places you will get a job.

I recommend applying to places that are entry level friendly. Because even with the jobs you had and the expertise you have in labs...that is not practical experience. You will start as a level 1 (or whatever they call it) for at least the first year. But once you have one year of real experience you are golden. If after two years you are not making $100k, look for a new job because you are worth it.


I never expected the post to be so long, it was some task summarizing a road-map to becoming a penetration tester. For all of you that stuck to it and read the entire post, my hats off to you, and I believe you have what it takes to succeed. Researching will be long and arduous, you will be baffled, confused, and read stuff so dry that that every distraction would be welcomed. But that is what it means to be a professional and not just a hobbyist.

Please leave questions below and I will be happy to answer them. As always, when you feel like its too hard, Try Harder.

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