Submitted by SHILL on Nov. 1, 2018, 10:19 a.m.

jackpotting crew needed Canada/Usa

Looking for serious, loyal and smart people who want to be successful and isnt afraid of rules,

if you have skills like programming languages, or your a skillful phisher, know linux o.s well and want to be in a small, loyal family that VALUES the skills you have?? As a family WE GROW together, always being creative and thinking ahead and our next move!! We could use your skills!!
Room to grow in the company, and success comes only from sheer determination!!
Fuck the system and the rules, We only live once folks, DONT let life go by without living!! our dreams are there to keep us motivated , $$$$ makes alot of problems disapear !!

If your serious and want to be apart of history,

"Life Is Irreplaceable, Dont Stop for nothing"

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