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I offer video editing service for anyone who needs privacy, with special care for your personalized needs. I don’t judge your tastes, I don’t judge your motifs, but I do try to understand them and deliver exactly what you need. FULL PRIVACY: your tastes and desires stay with me!

I can serve you as a skillful advisor and deliver a solid video narrative that matches the background music and the overall style of your material.

Confidential video editing may involve:

- video/audio of yourself and others, ceremonies and events from within your private circle, interviews in case you need help but don’t want to share all materials with the clearnet plebs, post-suicide video recordings if you want to be prepared and go out in style

- porn montages, previews, collections, fap videos, revenge porn, everything that needs editing, business or private, including all subjects and niche interests, bdsm, pissing, virgins, orgies, oriental, mysticism, unique fetishes, just name it

- all kinds of niche requests and interests, like fascination with animal gore or other personalized and maybe crazy ideas, just share them with me and we’ll figure something out

- other video montages, fan submissions and ideas that can’t be fulfilled on the clearnet, either because there are copyrights involved so freelancers are scared as shit or you would be uncomfortable to approach them with your *unusual* request

- I’m really good at complex analysis and selective video editing with lots of material involved so hit me with anything else that’s related: video reels, montages about yourself, fan videos you want created, or maybe some classical music nicely put together with your thought-provoking art, just anything

- as said above, no judgment, complete understanding, extreme patience, you can feel safe and accepted with me, whether it’s a simple porn video you don’t have time to cut and edit yourself, or something more artistic that involves your darkest desires

First I try to understand my clients’ desires and ideas, fully, and then I proceed to work. I have decent editing skills and analysis skills (so I can deliver exactly what you need in the right mood and atmosphere, so the feel is right) and theoretically I can do HQ ‘clearnet-level’ projects as well (depends on what you need, we can discuss). But the biggest advantage for many clients would be my EXCEPTIONAL TOLERANCE. So yes, talk to me and I’ll help. If we make a deal but I know little about your subject of interest, then I’ll learn from you and research it. So no worries.

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