Submitted by marcZ on March 12, 2019, 11:24 a.m.

Just whatever

Hello Gangstas
I worked for a year in a Restaurant as a Chef the Salary I was payed was just national minimum wage if I worked contracted 45h.p.w. However usually I worked 50h- 60h p.w and was paid nothing more. After 11 months I decided to speak with owner and explained him that I'm paid below National Minimum Wage and that's was not right. Next day I've found out that I'm sacked when I asked for a reason I heard I'll receive a letter. No letter came, IR hase made investigation and the result is that indeed I was right should be paid more for my overtimes however I was paid for overtimes in my last month (46h).
It's bad, I've paid my rent for accommodation and don't don't I I'll make the rest of the month and what bothers me more is my son's birthday is comming( 17th March).

I need really some income and will catch some jobs.

IF you can you can donate and I'll appreciate:

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