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Area 54 discrete FireArms Sales
We have an exciting arsenal of firearms ranging from simple hand guns to to class military style weapons .

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Pistols :we have pistols ranging from handguns: revolver, semi automatic, 1911pistols ,45 acp ,22lr ,9mm,50AE ,etc there is no hand gun we cant get for you

Rifles : we cover the whole rifle world with a variety of hunting rifles ,shotguns,double and single barrels .

Assault rifles: we have it all Aks ,Mp5 ,M16 ,Ar15s ,Stg44 etc top quality sniper rifles with excellent scopes fully powered rifles ,sub machine guns 5.56x45mm,Type 56 rifle. West German Heckler & Koch G3. M16A1 rifle. HK33A2. The 7.62×51mm NATO and 5.56×45mm NATO AK-74 rifle. Just to name a few

Military class weapons

We also have top collection of military class weapons .basically those used by the U.S. Israeli and Russian military .

Contact: (wickr:Alphawolf2012

About our products

We do not sell used weapons unless for "antique firearms"all the our firearms and accessories are brand new and and unregistered.


We ship discreetly maintaining clients anonymity is our to priority .

(Name it and we'll get it to you)

Contact: (wickr:Alphawolf2012