Submitted by dice456 on Nov. 1, 2018, 12:56 a.m.

Everyone Be Safe Tonight

Just wanted to remind everyone that Core, Nightmare, and Wallstreet are all owned by the same person. That same person is Hugbunter. He also was the owner of TradeRoute and also was the owner of Olympus. He has already stolen from two exit scams and he also has stolen from multiple vendors privately. Everyone be careful where you put your coin on the darknet. You never know when he reaches his goal for that market and scams everyones money because he already has a few other markets running so it doesn't matter.


  • SHILL Nov. 1, 2018

    Just wanted to remind everyone that dice456 is an NUmber2 alkt account and a proofed scammer and extortioner

  • logONlogOFF Nov. 1, 2018

    Did they ever end up scamming Cryptonia too or did it come back online?