Submitted by dice456 on Nov. 1, 2018, 2:26 a.m.

LimaConnect is another Dread scam being left here.

His personal website is the same lame dread layout by the same designers. He is on one market. It is a known scam market with no actual mods for disputes. If he was half legit he would be on Dream like any vendor worth anything at this point and time.


  • Lite Nov. 1, 2018

    At this point they don't even make the scams look different at all. People just keep going back to get scammed. The stupid people are endless really. Why change anything if it's still working. They even brought back the same exact scam TradeRoute and renamed it Rapture for fucks sakes. That only proved to them more people could give a shit less about their money and getting scammed.

  • SHILL Nov. 1, 2018

    Just because something is a scam doesn't mean it's from dread. You will find a healthy group of scammers from deeppaste here that can't figure how to get into dread. Call it out but leave it professional fellows