Submitted by MRbars on Nov. 3, 2018, 1:37 a.m.

Banned From Dread For Supporting A Vendor

Dread is such a damn shill site it is rediculous. They have these rules set in place but the rules really don't mean a thing. They just label you a shill and then ban you without reason. Yesterday I was on there and made a comment about SmoothOP's products and I wake up this morning and my account is banned. SmoothOP told us all that they have been baning people that talk about him and they even banned his vendor account there. I made a new account asking for a real official reason why I was banned but I doubt I will recieve one. They will probally reban me then talk bad about me because I can not say anything back like the common routine there. Here is the post I asked what I did wrong.



  • smoothOP Vendor Nov. 3, 2018

    Thanks for atleast trying to get my name out over there. Really strange how they are trying to keep my name off the forum. Maybe because I am the new Alp plug in the USA and they don't want to lose business. They can only keep censoring the place for so long before everybody knows the real truth that they scam the public of seeing everything and only show what they want seen. They think they are the darknet government or something.