Submitted by waterchain on Nov. 6, 2018, 8:20 p.m.

Crypto hedge Fund oppurtunity

Good Morning Fellow vendors and buyers, my name is Modric.

We are ready to offer a very unique opportunity to a lucky few. The chance to invest in a new hedge fund. I must be very clear and say that this is investment only, you will not own or have a say in any part of the running or management of the fund.

We are offering 250 investment shares of 0.1 percent of the income of the fund which currently stands at ~$200'000 per month or $2'400'000 annually. Shares will be priced at ฿0.1 for a 0.1% share, paid in btc. There is no limit on the amount of shares you can buy, and the amount we will be paying out equates to 25% of the funds income. There is no limit to the amount of shares any one person can buy. For a 0.1% investment you will earn $200 per month, for a 0.5% investment you will earn $1000 a month and so on. As the fund grows so will your pay-out, investments can be withdrawn at any time and pay-outs will be paid at the next pay-out date up to that point. This is a very unique opportunity and a chance to be a part of history.

Money invested is going to be used in the short-term to finance a easy way to cash out funds , with to make your buying/selling experience that much better. Investors will invest into :
Dubai Companies
Hong Kong Companies
Mauritius Companies
Seychelles Companies
Singapore Companies

the next pay-out date, and the amount which will be updated hourly. You will also find options here to change pay-out schedule (weekly, monthly, annually), cancel investment & change view types.

Pay-outs will by default be monthly into your Dream account, the schedule can be changed and a wallet address can be specified for payments. If you decide to cancel your investment, it will be refunded immediately. Payment for your shares need to be paid to the address specified below, these are then tracked internally and after payment for 250 investments has been received the payment address will no longer be valid and payments will not be able to made into it.
Payment address - 1Jq1yd44oNX65exyxJrCznWu1CsofSTLL4

If you want to be part of this oppurtunity message me back with your Transaction ID, User name & Amount of investment shares and total btc sent.

Example Subject - GP Investment 277349296 - Modric - 12 x 0.1% = ฿0.12

This is strictly first come, first served. As, said before there is no limit on how many one person can buy. Again, this is the chance to be a part of the fund and a part of history.

Current price is ฿0.01 BTC per 0.1% share. This will reward you with around $200 per month. This may well be subject to increase.

Thank you and good luck


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  • dice456 Nov. 6, 2018

    This shit is fake us fake walterchain. Also isn't walterchain a crypto that is already in existence?