Submitted by MRbars on Nov. 7, 2018, 11:51 p.m.

In memory of the posts Hugfucker censors from the community.s

Let's take a look back to when he got caught pretending he was the mod of Olympus after they just exit scammed. In actuallity he was the one that stole everyones money.


Let's also take a look at hugbunter here. Using his alt /u/adruguser. This is hug in the natural habitat exploding with rage after removing a post.



  • SHILL Nov. 8, 2018

    I do cooler shit then this faggot on a daily basis. Forget him

  • jennyOG Nov. 8, 2018

    they censored my posts when i went there. already reposted twice. i assume will get the ban when hugbunter cant take the anger anymore. assuming this will be by tommorow morning.