Submitted by jennyOG on Nov. 8, 2018, 1:51 a.m.


i posted this..........

what is up with the people here. i got banned with another user name the first montth this forum is out. just seen all the drama going on at gp so decided to come back and speak my mind. why is it that this is a darknet drug forum but people can not speak about people in the darknet community or it is considered spam. hugbunter is not delievring the vendor shops again and even vendors going to gp posting ads that say they can not even post ads on this forum. they censor ads from normal users and the ads to vendors that they are making money off of they leave up. this is not a legit forum. how can a forum want to be the center of the community but they ban and censor the very own users? this is very confusing to me what is going on. hug still owes multiple vendors shops to which his,delayed until someone posted here, reply was that he lost his harddrive and trying to get back on his feet like a code junky or something. why does this forum pride themselves on banning the community they talking trash after they ban the person. glad anyone has a voice over at gp and its not a cesspool of scammy vendors that make fake reviews daily.

I got banned and this is what they said-

doesn't have to do with dread. they couldn't come up with a better scam excuse than that?


  • SHILL Nov. 8, 2018

    scam or just prevent of spamming ?

    nobody want to hear your fucking opinion about a childporn forum.