Submitted by EmeraldTriangleFire on Nov. 8, 2018, 5:18 a.m.

Introduction to our Cannacaps, The Emerald Way

Today we will talk about how we do our cannacaps. We pride ourselves on conjuring the cleanest and most effective medicine. These cannacaps were made for our own family members that have serious inflammation from auto-immune disorders.

Steps that we take:

We take premium cannabis flower from farms in our collective. We grow all our plants in organic, living soil. This means we do not use any liquid nutrients and chemical fertilizers to grow our plants. The plants take up nutrients that has been broken down by micro-organisms living in the soil.

We use verified extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to infuse our cannabis. There are a lot of fake EVOO out there and we have done the research to find brands that have consistently tested as having real EVOO. The reason we use EVOO is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis infused into EVOO creates a very powerful anti-inflammatory medicine.

We use vegan capsules. We all know the unhealthy dangers of processed meat so we have decided it is best to use vegan capsules. There may be a correlation between processed foods and auto-immune conditions.

Most importantly, when you take our cannacaps you will be taking the same medicine we give to our beloved family members. We feel it is safe and clean enough for them, and we take pride in sharing this great medicine with you.

~~ Medicate the Healthy Way, the Emerald Way. ~~

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