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Mitrayah - complex of ayahuasca + mitragyna speciosa leafs.

Mitrayah can produce a very unique, mind-altering experience. This drug is wine for your soul. It opens access to another space and takes you to other worlds, showing the truth. You can also communicate with spirits. During the first experience I saw tomorrow in details and the most interesting thing - the next day everything was exactly like in my trip!

Therefore it is extremely important to choose the right time and place before using it. Make sure you are in a safe and private place with people you know well. After taking the Mitrayah, lie down on a couch or bed for the duration of the experience (~3-5 hours) and close your eyes.

Mitrayah doesn't have any negative side-effects, but it's need to be especially carefully used by people with mental disorders, schizophrenia and epilepsy!
Do not use Mitrayah when dangerous objects (knifes etc.) are within easy reach. Do not drive when or directly after taking Mitrayah.

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Price: $500 / 10gr

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  • weaDAparty Nov. 11, 2018

    i wish this was real but it shows all the signs of a scam. the pictures don't work and there is no real user. also the user is not on any market. just an email with the easiest sign up email to scam people. i suggest no one try this unless we get actual proof this is real.