Submitted by SHILL on Nov. 30, 2018, 5:36 a.m.

what would you do in this situation

ok so i alway frequent the darknet and the reddit subs. i met this guy that i did business before. he happens to know code. i paid him a bunch of money and he never finished the job and is fucking off. now here is the kicker i know him in real life. i have his full name address and everything about the guy. what is the best course of action on this?


  • SHILL Nov. 30, 2018

    slit wheels, throw a rock through his window, pour battery acid over his car, swat his house, paint his house,take a shit in his mailbox,order for hundreds of dollars pizza at his adress, the sky is the limit be creative! ( I used to have 4 neighbors but not anymore) :p