Submitted by SHILL on Dec. 18, 2018, 7:29 p.m.

Dream cares about product quality of customer safety

They finally got a dope guy with good product but he ended up being a theif with dox info all over the darknet. They are trying to cover it all up to get people to continue buying off of that fool. Really shows you were that place is at not caring one bit about customer safety. They are even removing the downvotes people are giving him. Who knows if that idiot is already comprimising people drop due to them knows the exact general location the man is shipping from. Reall irrisponsible and horrible for a market to do that to unsuspecting customers who have no idea about anything. I wish those people there front doors and their dogs lots of luck ordering from a doxed heroin vendor.


  • SHILL Dec. 19, 2018

    I think you meant

    ream cares about product quality over customer safety

    Could be wrong though.

  • SHILL Dec. 18, 2018

    hahaha just had a customer complain to me about this guy. i am super excited to see how this story unfolds!!!