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Now we have the MOST RELIABLE and SAFEST deal for all vendors that want to move their business to the next level and get their own online VENDORSHOPS: We are SELLING the U Own Stores SOURCE CODE and also offering customization and installation services.

The UOS vendorshops comes with many features that you wont find in any other vendorshop:

- All the payments goes directly to your bitcoin wallet. No escrow or additional fee.
- Comes with an option to allow anonymous sales.
- Fully Tor Browser compliant. No javascript. Its totally safe.
- You can ask us for the full working demo and test it.
- Set your products categories and choose your products types, with multiples choices, related products and many other customizations.
- Comes with a vendorshop manager site and a full admin site.
- Includes captcha and caching techniques to avoid DDoS attacks.
- Vendorshop Owner manual

And we offer:

- The source code for the actual UOS vendorshop.
- Full disclosure.
- Technical support, LTS, installation and customizations services

Write us here, PM or for any deal or question.

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