Submitted by SHILL on Feb. 22, 2019, 9:08 a.m.

Best Market To Pull A Scam?

I have been looking into ideas on how to start scamming. I learned a lot for the users on Dread. I have been looking into all the scam markets and trying to find the best one to pull the perfect scam. So here is what I am thinking so far.

I think Dream is not really an option right now because of the DDOS. Silk Road 3 looks like there is lots of scam vendors on there but seems to be ran by the moderation as far as I can tell. Berlusconi looks like one of the best bets now because it is filled with police and scams and doesn't look like anyone gives a shit what you do there as long as the owner is getting paid.

Now wallstreet and Nightmare seem to be out of the question for a user to pull a good scam. The administration on these two markets are the main people that are pulling the scams on accounts. Nightmare actually scammed one of the only users they had the other day so I am counting that out.

I have heard that tocha is a great market to pull scams as there is 0 moderation on the scam market. I still have not gotten a chance to look into that market yet though.

With all of these things in mind can somebody let me know which market they think would be best to get away with scams without being the actual owner?