Submitted by thebartel on Feb. 22, 2019, 10:50 a.m.

New verified xanax vendor

Hey guys I am new to the forum. I just verified with the crew that I am a real xanax vendor. In the coming weeks I will have full stock of all colors and alprazolam powder based in the good old united states of america! I will have 150g of Alprazolam powder in hand by the end of the week as well as bars and many more products to come. Shoot me a PM here to talk or any questions about shipping or how I can get things done for you. Product will go fast and we will have a lot more after we see how this first batch goes. Glad to help and thanks to narco for adding me to the team!


  • SHILL March 6, 2019

    Hey, I'm in desperate need to earn some money. I was wondering if I could somehow help you sell some xans for you? I know a fuck ton of friends who would love to buy and I could be their closest plug.

  • SHILL Feb. 23, 2019

    post product pics instead of creating more alts narco