Submitted by SHILL on Aug. 7, 2018, 5:43 p.m.

Best setting for acid?

I just aquired a few tabs off Olympus Market. I found a vendor that seemed to had good feedback, placed and order and in less then a week my tabs arrived. I am just not too sure about the best place I should take them.

I am getting so many mixed reviews of concerts, raves, stay home and chill, even one kid told me not to take them it might be nombes or something. People out there that have done acid a few times any advice for this?

I'm kind of new to harder drugs and dont want to mess up my first time and ruin it for all the rest. Thanks for reading hopefully someone can give me an answer. I'll check on it. Also, I want to do it this weekend.

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  • Psychedelia Oct. 14, 2018

    Depends how experienced you are. If its your first time i'd suggest doing it at home, at night, with a good friend preferably one that has some experience with that kind of thing. If you have some experience anywhere is great, but if you can make a quick get away to a familiar place like your car or home relatively quickly that's a plus. Also LSD isn't really a harder drug people just perceive it that way