Submitted by supertrapper on Sept. 10, 2018, 4:11 p.m.

LSD Trip

What was your BEST LSD trip?

Wjat was your WORST LSD trip? lol


  • TREADorSINK Sept. 11, 2018

    All my best were just normal trips everything lovey and fun. My worst holy shit were memorable. One time I lost my mind after hitting a nitrus ballon. The other I ran out of a concert freaking out. One day I will write the full stories.

  • dirtyholes Sept. 11, 2018

    This one time we went to the park.
    It was a bunch of us and my friends.
    I took couple tabs and laid there in the grass.
    Sure enough night comes and the stars come crashing down.
    I swear god came down and spoke to me.
    I was lifted to the sky and was floating all over the world.
    In reality my friend was carrying me to the car lmfao. Good trip