Submitted by yoshi1985 on Sept. 30, 2018, 7:29 p.m.

Best vendor!! SMOOTHOP 😉😉👍🤯

Best vendor, awesome fire product #4 also shipping 10 stars communication 10 stars quality 100 stars,. Been doing dope for 8 years and the quality of this #4 is phenomenal if you are hesitant to place an order don't be SmoothOP will take good care of you and hook it up. Dope is a tannish color with the delicious vinegary smell and taste that all dopeheads look and hope for. Give this vendor a chance he will not disappoint as for pricing you do the math there are vendors selling shit twice the price and no where near this quality. Also product is clean and pure no fent as well. Like I said give this vendor a try you will not be dissapointed. Also mention that Yoshi from gangsta recommended you too.


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