Submitted by deepintheweb on Oct. 12, 2018, 4:39 a.m.

Gross fent story.

This story was from when I was fucked up on fent, during a nice run I had going. I was about 3 months or 10 years into this one who remembers at this point. I remember I was eating celery with peanut butter and I was eating tootsie rolls out of the big bag for days and not eating anything else. I was so fucked up not even leaving the house just shooting one after another. I took a huge shot during this time and had to puke. When I puked it was like throwing up shit. The food must've been sitting in my stomach almost a week. It was shit. The most horrid taste and was making me puke more and more. I'll get into more crazier fent stories (less gross) some other day. Like when I stayed up 4 days straight from a withdrawl thinking I may die. Moral of the story. Don't do fent.