Submitted by SHILL on Dec. 14, 2018, 12:11 a.m.

Pricebustersking90 Heroin Vendor On Dream DOX

Here is his drops if the FBI want them.

Shawn Wilder
62 Taylor street apt 1
Providence RI, 02907

Jhon Reyes
37 Atwood ave,
Providence RI 02907

Thomy Smith
106 Jacob St apt b
Edgewood MD 21040

Angela Torres
309 S Parke street Apt B41
Aberdeen MD, 21001

Robert Gonzalez
405 West pulasky Hwy
Elkton MD 21921

Mitchell Porter
144 Hanover street 3rd floor
Providence RI 02907

He is from MD.

Already contacted the FBI a few ways you dumb nigger cunt. You thought you were smart. Hope you can figure out how to get money in prison you piece of shit nigger.

Trackings for possible camera footage of the vendor.


He also has a lab the manufactures heathcare products I think for womens beauty things located in the close area in MD.

He is a black mexican.

Photo of lab-

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  • SHILL Dec. 14, 2018

    Marcos Cartis
    25 Lowell ave
    Providence RI 02909

    One more addy.