We aim big, handle customers with care, taking your and our security more than serious and
quality is our priority overall. We think the only right way is not only to offer a good product,
but to be a serious and reliable dealer you can trust, who offers you constantly best quality with customer care which tops off.
If you're feeling comfortable when doing business with us please check products and prices .


-Raw untouched Cocaine Sourced from Brazil -Smooth on the nose -Test high purity on test kits -Soft and shinny -Always in rocks with stealth Shipping, NEVER Powder

Brazilian Sourced COCAINE-$70 per gram
5gram $350,00
50grams $3500
100grams $5575
1/2 kilo $11050
1 kilo $22,100

84%+ MDMA HCL -$15 per gram
5gram $75,00
50grams $300
100grams $525
500 grams $2625
1000 grams 5,250


So if you have any questions, wishes or other requests, always feel free to contact us on brazilcocaine@protonmail.com.
We are even open to negotiate for bulk orders or non-listed products to start off.