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MDACANADA --> The best MDA in North America 5.0★ @ DreamMarket

We have best mda of canada. The original Black MDA.

comes back positive as MD on marquis test liquid.

50 - 75 mg is recomended dosis, some people with high tolerence to drugs may need more.

[b]VERY strong black licorice / sarassas smell.[/b]

We are online many time every day, we have very good and constant communication with all of our buyers.

We ship 2-4 time per week depending on order flows.


3g of MDA($20/g)

7g of MDA($19.3/g)

14g of MDA($15.35/g)

28g of MDA($13.5/g)

56g of MDA($12/g)

100g of MDA($10.5/g)

250g of MDA($10/g)

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