Submitted by mdacanada on Oct. 17, 2018, 9:50 p.m.

MDACANADA-> 50mg MDA XTC Pills on Dream Markets

Our XTC pills are made from 50mg of MDA.

$225 for 100 pills.

made from high quality machine. very hard pressed.

Our XTC have a very strong sarassas smell, the black licorice smell. they smell strong product!!!! very good XTC just by the smell you already know it![/b]

50 XTC pills (3.00/pill)

100 XTC pills(2.25/pill)

250 XTC pills(2.00/pill)

500 XTC pills(1.75/pill)


logo : text ''STAR''
shape: rectangular
color: pink w/ black dot

each pill contain ONLY 50 mg of mda without other active ingredients.


We ship 2 to 4 time per week.

100% refund / reship if order not arrive.

100% reship no bullshit of ''you must pay extra on shipping, etc etc"