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As a specialist in Panama offshore banking, we have helped 1,000s of clients establish a Panama bank account. Whether you are interested in setting up a personal bank account in Panama, or are looking to create a offshore corporation with corporate bank account, we can help.


POLS offers our clients several choices for their Panama corporate bank accounts. The assistance given is aimed to allow you to establish accounts through any of the correspondent banks or Panama brokerage firms we have relationships with. We can assist you with setting up offshore bank accounts in Panama as well as several other countries.

Your Panama Corporation or Panama Foundation can achieve the utmost in asset protection by opening a Panama bank account and taking advantage of Panama’s bank secrecy laws.

No identification necessary all will be handled in panama and your account and cards will be digitally mailed and mailed through postage.

This account is useful for those who wish to operate an actual business within Panama, and need an account for making USD payments to any local person or business in Panama. However, the checks from this account are only valid for deposit or compensation locally within the Republic of Panama. One of the Panama banks we maintain a relationship with has the following terms:

Minimum Initial Deposit: US$1,000. Interest Rate: No interest is paid on this account. Minimum Balance Requirement: US$500. Monthly fee if balance falls below US$500: US$10. Account statements may be sent by email or post mail. Certified Local Check Fee: US$5. Certified International Check: US$10.

, we charge an introduction and documentation processing fee of US$70.

debit cards are included for corporate Panama bank accounts through once the order is put in. debit cards have the “Clave” symbol on them, and can be used at any point of sale or ATM that accepts “Plus” or “Interlink” cards (accepted world-wide). The Panama banks annual fees for debit cards are from US$20.

There are transaction fees of 40 cents for local ATM cash withdrawals, and there may be slightly higher fees associated with point of sale transactions, or ATM cash withdrawals at ATMs outside of Panama, depending on the merchant you purchase from, what country you are in, or what bank or ATM you withdraw cash from.

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