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MDMA pills & Champagne MDMA 84% purity crystal

After having stopped for a while, we decided to continue with a new name! We are standing for our quality products, and ship safely and fast. We have successfully shipped thousands of transactions in the recent years. We do our best to make customers happy.

All our products are Ez tested and enjoyed all around Europe All colors and shapes are available here just pm the type you desire will aquire and sell it to you. MDMA: Rocks 84% (own cooked by professional chemists) Our MDMA is tested at the maximum 84% pure. Read the reviews, there is no better and no safer. XTC pills, the best pressed pills out there, always made with our own mdma. If you want top quality, we've got it here at an unbeatable price.

Champagne MDMA 84% purity crystal

Weight: 10-1000 gram(s)
10 gram-$375.00
25 gram-$750.00
50 gram-$1500.00
100 gram-$3000.00
500 gram-$6,000.00
1000 gram-$12,000.00

Weight :200 miligram
$225-50x pills
$450-100x pills
$1000-250x pills
$2250-500 pills
$4500-1000 pills

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