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Welcome to BulkBrigade, your main Dutch bulk plug

★★★★★★★★★★Welcome to BulkBrigade, your main Dutch bulk plug!★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★All orders in our vendor website are FE★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Dream Market 1550+ positive sales
Placing an order/Receiving an order

★All of our products are lab tested for safety on both ends ★Topnotch and outstanding variation of products straight from the source ★Buy with confidence, we are honest people and like to do honest business. ★Striving for long term business deals ★Fast delivery, secrecy and professional secure packaging ★Always available throughout the day ★Honest prices, specially on bulk orders ★Shipping with tracking and express shipping Please send us your encrypted drop with the address formatting as such: Johnny Baconeater 6996 South Kenwood Ave. Simpletown, KY 20976-2443!

✔Fish-scale Colombian Cocaine 90%+ (PURE & UNCUT) ✔Dutch MDMA Molly Champagne crystals 84% (PURE & UNCUT) ✔2C-B powder (PURE & UNCUT) ✔4FMP Mephedrone powder (PURE & UNCUT) ✔80MG Oxy Codone Pharmaceutical Grade (BULK) ✔Amphetamine Speed paste 74% (PURE & UNCUT) ✔Afghan Heroin (PURE & UNCUT) ✔Mephedrone 4MMC (PURE & UNCUT) ✔220ug Critical LSD blotters/tabs (PURE & UNCUT) ✔Pharmaceutical grade Ketamine S-Isomer 98% (PURE & UNCUT) ✔Crystal Meth ICE shards 98%+ (PURE & UNCUT) ✔Dutch Amnesia Haze Indoor Grown ✔Lebanese blonde hash (PURE & UNCUT) ✔Moroccan blonde hashish (PURE & UNCUT) ✔XTC Pills 120mg ✔XTC Pills 220mg ✔XTC Pills 230mg ✔XTC Pills 300mg ✔Blue Clover 2C-B pills 20mg ✔Pharmaceutical grade Diazepam 10mg ✔Finest A-oil ready to cook ✔Highest grade PMK oil ready to cook

Bulk Delivery
We run the wholesale dopegame in the Netherlands, the darknet is my way to expand my boundaries. Everything and anything is possible with us, from grams till containers full of product. We know what we are doing and what we can and can not do, therefore we can give you honest answers and deliver you with outstanding service! All orders will be shipped out throughout Germany which makes it allot saver and easier to send. Everything will be packed with the necessary equipment and material specially selected for your country to ensure arrival in secrecy.

Contact/Receiving an order

★Messages will usually be replied within 24 hours ★Orders will usually be shipped within 24 hours of acceptance ★We only ship on working days, postal service doesn't ship in the weekend ★We might not ship to certain countries, we will contact you before we send out or cancel your order. ★In the rare occasion that a package might not arrive, please give us a chance to find a fair solution before you leave negative feedback. ★In case you leave negative feedback before giving us a chance to find a solution, we won't offer a solution at all and you will be excluded from our store! contact: bulkbrigade@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion or
Shipping info

★All orders will be shipped throughout the Netherlands ★We always automatically combine orders to the same address unless asked otherwise. ★Everything will be packed with the necessary equipment and material specially selected for your country.!

Shipping times ★ 2-15 working days ★ United Kingdom ★ 2-15 working days ★ Germany ★ 2-22 working days ★ Ukraine ★ 2-22 working days ★ Italy ★ 2-22 working days ★ Spain ★ 4-22 working days ★ Slovenia ★ 2-23 working days ★ France ★ 2-23 working days ★ Croatia ★ 4-23 working days ★ Greece ★ 2-24 working days ★ Latvia ★ 7-25 working days ★ Austria ★ 6-25 working days ★ Czech Republic ★ 3-26 working days ★ Turkey ★ 4-28 working days ★ Norway ★ 4-29 working days ★ Slovakia ★ 6-30 working days ★ Canada ★ 4-30 working days ★ Russia ★ 7-30 working days ★ China ★ 6-30 working days ★ Brazil ★ 7-30 working days ★ Indonesia ★ 6-31 working days ★ USA ★ 2-31 working days ★ Poland ★ 7-31 working days ★ Africa ★ 7-31 working days ★ Israel ★ 8-31 working days ★ Pakistan ★ 7-31 working days ★ Philippines ★ 5-31 working days ★ Australia
Refund and reship policy

★Option 1: We reship your order 100%, in case of proof of seizure. ★Option 2: We refund your order 50% once the estimated shipping times for your country has passed. We ask for a fair feedback from you rated on: ★Product★Customer service★Shipping time★Stealth If you wish to encourage us in any other way, then please leave a detailed review on the forum.

email shipping to bulkbrigade@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion or

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