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★★★★ Welcome to SmartServe! ★★★★

Please read all of our terms & conditions prior to shopping with us so there are no issues, thanks.

We have been shipping contraband for years offline through our network and its time to bring our business to the darknet!
We offer top grade stealth along with top quality products, any size orders are welcome as we encourage and are looking for bulk buyers to work with!


1) Escrow / FE
2) Stealth
3) Shipping Times
4) Refund / Reship
5) BULK Orders
6) Direct Deals
7) Communication



Because we are a new shop on the market, we offer escrow to all orders! So please once you have recieved your package from us, please release the funds immediately so we can convert it into fiat cash to protect our funds due to fluctuation. Once we have gained FE permission from admin, we will still keep escrow listings in our shop but with an increased price to help protect us against BTC fluctuation. You can always choose to Finalize Early with us which is a great way to show your appreciation and we will throw in some extra for it as incentive to use FE.



We cannot go into detail about our exact stealth methods for opsec reasons. But rest assured we have been mailing contraband for years now, and we continue to improve our stealth with every order - large or small!
Bulk shoppers no worries - we own an X-Ray machine which we scan all packs through prior to shipment to see if it has a good chance of passing customs.

What you will get when shopping with us:
* Vacuum sealed
* Alcohol cleaned for trace amounts on outside of package
* Discreet packaging so you cannot feel the product
* Typed shipping labels not hand written
* Decoy product upon request at extra cost
* Vacuum sealed
* Alcohol cleaned for trace amounts on outside of package
* Discreet packaging so you cannot feel the product
* Typed shipping labels not hand written
* Free decoy product! Very important for bulk / international orders



When we accept an order it takes us up to 24h to process the order and package it for shipment. This is because we take every precaution necessary for a safe delivery. In addition, for international orders outside of Canada please add an extra day or two to the shipping times below for customs clearance.

2-7 days regular mail
2-3 days xpresspost mail
1-2 days priority post mail

3-10 days regular mail
3-5 days xpresspost mail

5-14 days regular mail
3-7 days xpresspost mail

Tracking will be given with every tracked order, but will only be provided at minimum 24hours after purchase for safety reasons on our end.


Current offer is 0% REFUND - 100% RESHIP for TRACKED PACKS.
0% refund - 0% reship on NON tracked packages. Sorry.

Although we have incredible success rate with shipping both domestic and internationally, its important to remember at the end of the day any suspected package can be opened during customs check by postal workers.
Its better for both parties if we only provide reship on lost packages for several reasons. One, being that its cheaper for us to send a product. Two, if BTC fluctuates too much you stand the chance of getting a really low refund because we will only refund the amount of BTC sent - not the value paid.

*** NOTE: We will only send reships on packages which have been ordered with a TRACKING NUMBER or proof of seizure. This is because its been known some buyers lie about recieving their order in hopes of scamming us vendors. Sorry but unless you have tracking, there is nothing we can do for you.

*** Reships/refunds will not be made if you provided the wrong shipping address. That is entirely on YOU not us..

*** Reships will only be made if you can provide us with a new address other than the one you provided originally. If customs did seize your package, there is a high chance your address has been put on a red flag list and your mail is more likely to be looked at in future.

*** IF YOU LEAVE BAD FEEDBACK THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO FOR YOU.. Please contact us first if there is an issue with your order and we can find a solution to make both parties happy. We try our best in every situation so please be kind and respectful so we may return the courtesy. Thanks for understanding.



One of our goals here on the market is to gain some serious bulk buyers. We can negotiate our prices to accomodate you and hopefully build a strong relationship with you. Bulk orders can always be shipped with 100% escrow - this gives you (the buyer) a feeling of comfort when shopping with us so that you can always count on us for your re-supply! Bulk orders also come with the best stealth methods, so please check the entire parcel before throwing it away otherwise you may miss the product ;)
Any questions about bulk orders just shoot us a message and we can answer any questions you may have!



We offer better prices through direct deals over jabber or wickr. This is because the market charges vendors 4% in fees with every order which sucks. Also we like to secure the funds as quick as possible, not to mention it helps both parties if we do direct deals because if the market does an exit scam or gets shutdown then your order is protected and will be shipped out no matter what. Contact us about our prices through direct deals! thanks



As you may know already, many vendors are busy people. We have a dedicated team of individuals who can and will answer all your questions about products but please give us up to 24h to reply as sometimes things can get really swamped.
We have several ways to contact us other than just here on the market. Incase the market ever crashes or you wish to conduct buisness off market as many buyers do - we can communicate on the following platforms!

Wickr: (ask us for wickr in private message)
Jabber OTR:

(For those of you who own a PGP/ECC encrypted cell phone, we are also available there which is probably the safest form of communication)