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Frank's Carding Service

*** Frank's Carding Service - Get 70% off high value goods - Pay just 30% of the retail price***
Contact: frankabagnale@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion

Long gone are the days of picking up a cheap CC from a black hat forum and slapping on SOCKS.
As you are probably aware, most vendors are reselling used or dead cards. Even if you do end up with a semi decent card, using it is a whole other issue. With todays improved security measures, it only takes one small error to kill an otherwise healthy card.

The only way to make carding worth while these days is to have a steady stream of dumps flowing from compromised and malicious stores, as well as a list of cardable sites with minimal security.

Now we just need somewhere to drop the goods. This is where you come in:

1) You choose an item.
2) You pay just 30% of its retail value.
3) I card it for you.

Contact: frankabagnale@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion

Minimum Order: $300usd Retail Value (You pay $90)
Maximum Order: $2000usd Retail Value (You pay $600)
You may order over $2k's worth of items, but they must be split between cards. One item can not exceed a retail value of $2k.

High value electronics are the best way to go. Gold & Silver are off the table as these kinds of goods require to be shipped to the card holders address.
Here is a small list of items I frequently card for clients. If you are in need of something different, I may be able to to supply it. Just ask.

Iphone X 64GB - Retail: $999usd - You pay: $300usd
Iphone X 256GB - Retail: $1,149usd - You pay: $344usd

13-inch MacBook Pro 128GB - Retail: $1,299usd - You pay: $390usd
13-inch MacBook Pro 256GB - Retail: $1,499usd - You pay: $450usd

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB - Retail: $1,000usd - You pay: $300usd
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB - Retail: $1,250usd - You pay: $375usd

Payments to be made in bitcoin. Other tokens may be accepted on request.

Q: Where can you ship to?
A: Worldwide

Q: How do I get a drop address?
A: I don't know. Be creative.

Q: Will you provide tracking?
A: Yes, or you may choose whichever available shipping option you prefer.

Q: Can you card virtual goods, like bitcoin?
A: No, crypto and giftcards are nutritiously difficult to card. If I could, I wouldn't be offering this service.

Q: IMEI on phones can be traced, so why do people use you to card iPhones?
A: I listed a few examples of high demand products. Regardless of their security features they can be moved very quick and easily. There are thousands shady phone repair shops that will take these kind of items and scrub serials/IMIE
As stated you are not limited to electronics. I set my minimum order so low so people have a chance to test the service, I would much rather build partnerships than con someone out of $90.
Q: Can you card from eBay or Amazon?
A: No, but I may be able to find the item you are looking for in my site list. Just ask.

Q: Will you share your site list?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Will you sell me CC's?
A: I can, but it won't be cheap. $90 a pop, same as the minimum carding price.

I look forward to doing business with you. Contact: frankabagnale@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion
- Frank

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