Submitted by SHILL on Sept. 5, 2018, 7:44 p.m.

Make huge returns on your bitcoin

With our proven methods you can be making huge investment returns on coins within days.

No matter how secure and innovative bitcoins are, they are just a combination of hashes and algorithms. We've thoroughly analyzed the bitcoin protocol from within and have found an almost imperceptible but very significant flaw (associated with the OP_RETURN SHA256 script withdraw command). Exploiting this flaw, we have developed an algorithm that generates a bitcoin transaction in which the recipient can double spend the bitcoins regardless of confirmations, effectively doubling the bitcoins. Unfortunately, we can only generate 56 satoshis per transaction. However, by sending to our specially-generated addresses, you increase by the amount sent to our address, raised to the power of 144. This means that all in all, we're making 144 times the amount you send in, half of which we keep as a commission.

We all understand that such a freebie cannot continue for a lot of time and this flaw will be found and corrected in the near future, but until that happens, we want to earn as much as possible. That is why we have launched this website, where you can make an investment and we will multiply it 144 times. You will receive half the money in less than 100 hours.

All you have to do is to transfer some bitcoin to your generated address here (we do not accept investments below 0.03 bitcoins - those transactions will be accepted as donations). Your valid investment will be multiplied 144 times. We keep half, and send back 56 times your investment.

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