Submitted by so_out_there__ on Oct. 18, 2018, 4:36 a.m.

READ Huge Scam Notice (repost)

saw this browsing another forum and thought i should repost.


so lately a lot of the vendors on the dream marketplace have been scamming or they act right first and then when they get lot of action and clientele they exit scam. these group of dutch vendors have a lot of accounts on the marketplace but they are runned by the same guys. be aware look their profile ! also padded feedback

i will start with "FinalDestination" this one who popped right after "Thedutchcompany" exit-scammed(fuck you, i lost 3000euros) and claimmed to ship from belguim too. But some people found out it was him(exposing him on forums) because he had the same style of listings and he closed his shop (sketchy lol)

Then right after FinalDestination account was retired, some news one appeared with the same style,pictures and listings but now shiiping from germany, deutschland !
Take a look at accounts named "FullyLoaded"(banned for exit-scam), and account "LimeWire"(banned)
now these guys will not dissapear because this is how they make tons of money they are already back with new accounts take look at accounts name "TheBushMaster"
and they have tried changing their writing style with accounts such as "QualityControll", "HELLS-KITCHEN", "rolexboyz" , "BulkBrigade", "goldenshower11" and i suspect also vendor "CAMORRA" to be part of this scammers group. They mostly sell the same products and the same batches, same SPEED PASTE, same MDMA, Columbian coke, MAYA or ALIEN LSD(claiming its 220ug or more+ lol) and PILLS

Please guys be safe when you see these vendors, they will eventually exit-scam and if you report them now, you may save other people from losing money