Submitted by SHILL on March 2, 2019, 5:30 a.m.

Berlusconi Scam


I logged into my account this morning and Berlusconi is giving me a Incorrect Password error. I have not changed my password and I am using the same password I have for a year. I am 100% positive nothing has changed, I log in MULTIPLE times a day with the same password. An NO my caps lock key is NOT on. lol.

I cannot get in and I have .3441 in escrow I have a dispute open with.

The market is stealing my funds. They changed my passowrd. This market is a scam!!!!

Can someone help me get this money back? Are they known for this?!!!

My username on Berlusconi is FAIRDEAL

Can anyone help me reach the market and get my .3441 BTC back?

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