Submitted by Ketmaster on Jan. 7, 2019, 12:23 a.m.

Ketamine Hcl

Like most good doctors we recommend third party pharmacies or something similar to purchase schedule 3 substances, a common one Viagra and Cialis. Which are over priced erectile dysfunction medications, and like ketamine they are not covered by any insurance companies.

I have found a supplier of ketamine in UK, and US who sell liters of ketamine for an extremely low price, a liter of liquid ketamine hydrochloride in America on the street costs about $4,750 USD on average.

He sells liters for $950 each and works ouyt deals for 3 liters for an outstanding price. If you have friends who also want ketamine, you can split the price in however many sections and all save a lot of money and get a high amount of high quality psychedelic ketamine.

For anyone who wants to have a long-term supply of ketamine for depression and anxiety, for PTSD, and for pain management please contact this vendor on wickr.

Wickr me app Username: Ketmaster

His Reddit account is /u/Dr-Tobias. He is a verified medical doctor who over orders ketamine to the hospital he works at, so he can help supply ketamine world-wide underground.

For those who know how to resell Ketamine and have a reasonable cliental this is your chance to help supply the this medicine in your area in the United States

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