Submitted by SHILL on Sept. 30, 2018, 5:32 p.m.

NY Tourist

Im a tourist in NY in October - I want to buy some good cocaine and some weed - Should I visit the Central Park and ask some local dudes or wait till I smell the smell of good kush and ask them?

I do not want to go to jail and I do not want to get rekt.


  • SHILL Oct. 1, 2018

    Wait for time you smell strong smell of garbage and rats. When you get close on side street to times square. You find so many packs of the black people. They look very scarey. You can know they aren't police by this. They are very funny most funny people you meet in life. New york black people are one of a kind. They ask you if want to buy weed so not a worry. You having fifty percent chance of getting robbed. They are very good actors and act like a best friend. Don't give money first. Don't be stupid. Just slap hands and dont stop moving. It will work out one or two try.

    They other more easy way. Go to the village and ask few people around the smoke shops. There will be some strange one there that will love to help you out.

    Just be careful of cameras and police. Go with option one. Will be more fun.