Submitted by SHILL on Jan. 2, 2019, 2:58 a.m.

Traphouse is closed down idenfintely.

Im (the developer) decide to closing down Traphouse because we got attacked.

The official emailaccount was hacked and the owner/investor Narcotraffic come up with strange claiming again me and my team at the same moment.

We have to figure out what is going on here.

This project is very serious for us and we put a lot of work into this.

Narco - i thogh we are partners but now i saw your real face.
First of all Happy new Year ! And sorry for the delay but hope you realizing that was New Year's Eve and we all have other stuff to do than setup a new email on these days.

I want a honest apologize from you !
Also the rating and order System is ready for uploading.
But first of all i have to figure out how serious you are and which motherfucker hacked the emailaccount.


  • SHILL Jan. 2, 2019

    Narcotrafficante and my whole fucking emailaccount with all my emailaddresses is deactivted because of attacking.. go to protonmail .. try to login with random pw - you will see the account is closed down because of suspect activities.

    you switch you opinion from one day to another like a real snitch. dont knwo which person shits in you soup but i didnt understand you and how you came out with your stupid claiming.

    its me bro - i told you who i am and i done nothing to harm you ( you know i have GP server access) ...

    think about it and think about how you turn into a snitch from one day to another.

    very very suspect.

    answer one quest :

    why you belive its a scam .. because i didnt wish you a happy new year ?

    what is your problem ?

    how you belive your own words ? before 2 days everything was fine and you swithc your words from one moment to another..

    wow your fucking 1000$ --lol i dont need that and you know that.. i would buiold something and though i found a partner in you..

    im very disappointed from you

    very very disappointed

  • SHILL Jan. 2, 2019

    narco is brainless scum, leak info

  • SHILL Jan. 2, 2019

    narco is a liar and scammer, be careful bro

  • SHILL Jan. 2, 2019

    TrapHouse was a planned scam all along.

    This entire forum & NarcoTrafficante are all fucking pathetic losers and jokes.

    No one should trust anything produced by GP or even the services or banner ads listed here. Its all scammers.