Submitted by SHILL on Jan. 2, 2019, 6:35 a.m.

Why does GP suck so hard?

as the title says!

narco scammed me, he took my money, then faked that i took it from him! i can believe it mother fucker when i find you i will slit your god damn throat!

i was trying to make a market, one that would be as scam free as possible. the darknet has some markets but they have all become a scammy and untrustworthy. i wanted to partner with narco to make the best market ever!

after giving him 20k, he just stopped messaging me. how infuriating when its an anonymous forum. when i find you narco i will kill you pussy scammer!!


  • Narcotrafficante Jan. 2, 2019

    Yes sure. But thanks Dread. You taught me another lesson. This time I will not make a mistake. Are you guys really mad that I am telling everyone the truth about ross and cazes? How the /r/drugs mods cartel faggot cp bitch ass niggers are scammers and I am the person that will eventually stop that?