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A Darknet Story Time, The Truth, And A Farewell

This is a farewell letter with some truths I have realized after working in this industry for 3 years and following the drama like most do for the laughs 8 years. Starting with /r/researchchemcials sub like a lot of the darknet users that follow here. Not really a farewell but I am going to fall back a while to either learn code or find and honest developers to start within that time. Like they say there is no better way but to do it yourself.

About 3 years ago I realized I can sell on the darknet. I wanted to make bars and sell bars. I started making a few myself and shipping them but also working deals china direct since I have tons of long time solid connections. I thought about it before I came out and learned about it all on reddit. At the time the biggest alp guy was alpraking. I decided let me do a come fight hard at the top type thing and take him out and steal all his business. Little did I know this guy was the marketing king of the darknet or atleast on of them. Him and his team were the owners of the platforms I was working on. Alexander Cazes worked for them, AlphaBay owner. I am pretty sure he fucked them and he ended up getting doxed. Then Trade Route came and they scammed. Maybe its the programmer and not really the marketer but I have a feeling hugbunter was involved for sure. Wallstreet is almost an exact copy of Trade Route. Just a shittier version so does make sense when the say it was newer than wallstreet. This group got a nice hit off that one. It's very hard to tell exactly everyone because you know. TOR and anonymity. I may be that carzy GP guy but hey how do we know? We don't. Only they can determin all the "shills" aka people that are letting the world know about the scams. So anyway lots of weird stuff happened. Now everyday it's more apparent that all these places are conected. Look at the subreddit /r/drugs. Those mods those are the creators of the darknet (silkroad). Ross was also a part but he wasn't a fan of the scams. He made this for the good of the people and they doxxed him fucked him (probally for trying to kill them) and look where he is now for trusting these people. They are the originals all the partners that lasted throughout time. But now the problem is. They have taken anonimity for granted and use it to pile money and scam everyone. The best part is they know everything I am doing and trying cause they have spies everywhere. They are a drug cartel working for the last 10 years running things online. There is much more to this but it's all to crazy and to anyone who is reading, ex. you, would think I am a nut job but the craziest part its all true.

Quick example. I let it known the other day that vendor 'andychem' all his feedback was being padded and I tested it. He is/was my compettition on Dream and also a china shipper but on Dreams side. I made a few posts about them always erasing the downvotes. I have downvoted his account a few times on different accounts and they always set his downvotes back to 1. Dream makes some vendors look super legit so if they scam they just erase the feedback and no one will ever know. Then when people go on the forum to talk about it they get the post banned and censored and have workers there 24/7 to erase things. I just recently had a custmer say andychems scammed them 3500 but I don't see any feedback to reflect that.

Now the GP thing. So last summer I met a kid who told me he has a hacker friend. I gave the guy a jabber and the guy contacted me. He made the forum I paid then he was supposed to make the market and I think he got frustrated couldn't do it saw I built GP huge and tried to scam me. He gave me his email with a real name so after he locked me out of admin I told him that I think his kids need their daddy in their lives using their names and he gave me all the admin rights and server passwords back and funny enough this was the same day jabber went down so we lost all contact perfect timing. I can contact him but he can't me. I wouldn't want to contact him again ever anyway.

So then I was fucked. This guy on my forum has a fucking ring of scams. Onions and clearweb drugs sites scams for days. But he was very smart and I posted on one account on Dream I was looking for a developer. He actually messaged that account (knowing it was me in the plan) and asked if I wanted help. I Basically said I don't trust him. I said Build it and put a page up get me a link and I will give you money. He told me he would build whole thing for $1500 but we were partners also. I gave him the down payment $500 and we started. It was all fine and good looked like he started and I even gave him $500 more during holidays cause he looked like it was working and getting it done.

I wouldn't stop posting all the news about the Dream scams and the Dread scams and then the contact stoped for like a day or 2 and I just got an email from some guy but no one had the email but him and the deepdotweb guy. Deepdotweb is also in on it and tried to fuck my name. You can look up GP and its says i tried to promote cp on the forum. Bro i fuck hotter chicks than those faggots any day. I wouldn't doubt if they started playpen too just for the money. These people are a cartel of scamming fucks and they know I am trying to ruin there plans to creat a darknet government to scam evryone of their money. I been trying to make a market that is trusted but having trouble finding the programmer for the job.

But that is what they do too. For example RCqueen. They build huge trust and then scamm customers. I had a 2 customers one say 25k one said 50k that rcueen stole from them. He lost the alp connect and scammed all his customers. But it doesnt matter cause guess what? He owns the market or atleast has no escrow access and already has andychem waiting so people all flood the new vendor and buisness never stops.

Maybe left out some but you get the point. And I'm not insane. This is real.


  • SHILL Jan. 3, 2019

    If this is all true then why would you give up? You're going to die anyway might as well fuck them up.

  • SHILL Jan. 2, 2019

    lol because i didnt reply you for 2 days im a scammer.
    im not your bitch - we was partners and you didnt realizing that was new years eve and normal people go out drinking with friend and dont sit in front of pc the whole night ?

    you a such a loser bro .

  • SHILL Jan. 2, 2019

    this is the peak of delusion...what in the world hahaha hilarious

  • SHILL Jan. 2, 2019

    Ah, the ultimate exit scam. Goodbye. "We will miss you" said no one ever. Fuck you.