Submitted by SHILL on Jan. 3, 2019, 1:19 a.m.


im the developer and i didnt do anything wrong.

i dont scam the gp owner. the only fact is that i dindt replied to his email on january the first and he turned into a snitch.

i make an offer for to the admin.

0.2 BTC for continue working and 0,45 for a new looking place with new server and everything.
would build him a admin control panel and publish his email in front /welcome page and everywhere on this market.

i closed down the market because i dont want to work with guys who playing games like that. he have to show that he is taking the thing serious and i don't want claiming and talking.

good by and i hope we can bring a trusted marketplace for you .


  • SHILL Jan. 3, 2019

    They both did something wrong.
    Your coded a page as a 12 years kid, and NT to call that a market. It seems that NT is very desperate.

  • Narcotrafficante Jan. 3, 2019

    I will buy the whole market from you if you can gaureentee me that I have the admin control and full control after it's made. You have that offer. I have another programmer on stand by to revise your work and see if it's true.

  • Narcotrafficante Jan. 3, 2019

    "I hope we can bring a trusted marketplace for you ."

    Sounds about right. You can barely trust yourself. You and your network of scam sites.

    Do not worry. I will bring them a trusted market place. Nobody's worried about that anymore. It's just a matter of when.