Submitted by Narcotrafficante on Jan. 3, 2019, 7:09 a.m.

Scammed $1000

From the obvious idiots from Dread. They tried to hurt my name and the good name of GP. Now they are mad that $1000 was all they could scam out of me.

Thought I was going to build you the perfect marketplace cause WallStreet is a boorderline fail.

Who the fuck do you think you are fucking with?

The Winklevosses?


  • SHILL Jan. 3, 2019

    nobody scammed you -. you are just a peace of shit who talking shit all day.

    i recommend every person to stay away from you - miles away - you are a phisher and a liar.

    every person who try to make business with narcojunky will get a lot of problems.

    and i know the narco reply .. i see it clearly

    "blablalb aim the most trustable guy in dn blabla you are hughebunter...blalbla.. everbody knows.... blalbla"

    such an embrassing kid.

  • SHILL Jan. 3, 2019

    you want to buy traphouse - i make you an offer and thats your reply

    ---- thats not a bad deal but not what i need. i cant really do anything
    with that.

    you fucking liar. and now your lying show go on.

    i piss on your $1000 and you are the most embrassing person in DN

    shut up -

    its embarrassing to read all your lies.

    i never lied to you - i always deliver and you got what you want - now you talking shit and you said you dont know if i you can trsut.

    you wait for a drug addicted junky friend who should build you a trusted marketplace.

    you the guy who arent trustable and with a big drug problem.

    all offers are canceld.. im not your bitch and wait for you.
    you destroid everything and you are the most embarrassing person in dn.

    good luck and let a junky build you a market. you will cry for a parnter like me - who is able to make everything happen.

    now you can work with your peace of shit around you. and now you can be a peace of shit like you every was.

    you tell me - you are the most trsutable person - but i cant trust you - you think people didnt see the truth behind you ...

    you are a nothing and you wont get a second chance to work with me.
    you failed massiv !

    go on with your embrassing life and dont talk to me or about me anymore.