Submitted by Narcotrafficante on Jan. 4, 2019, 3:41 a.m.

The Scammers DOXXX

The scammer who keep pretending like he talking like this.

Yeah most likely hugbunter or his even gayer and even more scammy (yes possible) half brother cyrilio sent me a DOX.

I told them there was 0 chance of me working with him again even though he will not stop emailing me begging cause he knows that the entire darknet knows every market is a scam and we are trying to build a good one here.

I said only way I can work with him is if I have his DOX to assure he will not screw me. This is what he sent and I think it's real.


  • Narcotrafficante (OP) Jan. 5, 2019

    Three users one on a name and two on shill uppcase and lowercase doesn't fool anyone anymore. It was more of a joke. He tried to scam me and I said DOX or get the fuck off. He got the fuck off. But I think you all know this. You are the guy that scammed me.

  • GPsucksASS Jan. 5, 2019

    youre a fucking dumbass narco, you are a piece of human garbage.

    every market is awesome, you are wrong and a liar and a dick sucking faggot.

    you suck hugs dick for a chance at some attention you donkey raping shit eater.

    you are a scammer and we will not beileve you and your alt army you faggot fucker

  • SHILL Jan. 4, 2019

    sounds a bit like the government - but you acting a bit to stupid for that - so it doesn't match

  • SHILL Jan. 4, 2019

    Seriously you think that someone is going to hand over their DOX for a few coins and to be part of a DWM business ?
    It seems that you do not have any idea how to do business in the DW and thats why no one wants to work with you.