Submitted by SHILL on Jan. 5, 2019, 6:12 a.m.


did hugfucker really end up on the site or was that a fake post? we know that he is running scared due to all the pedo accusations and even deepdotweb wont get his back because they wont let go of their pedo roots.

is gp really winning this war and the $1000 that dread people stole from him acted as a huge lesson that gave narco the upperhand? all this questions remain.

one of the biggest questions remaining is if its true hugfucker tried to offer narco nightmare market as a peace offering and narco told him to blow him cause night mare sucks. rumer had is that hugfucker told him he was into guy or women. one can only wonder what that really means.

when can we know the real proofs?


  • SHILL Jan. 5, 2019

    its fake. No one really uses this piece of shit website. I just come here to laugh at how pathetic and delusional Narco is.

    It may look like other people post here but its all the same person. All the drama is manufactured and fake. No one is clicking the ads in the sidebar. It's all an illusion and hopefully this server will get hacked soon and all the real traffic stats exposed as 0 LOL!