Submitted by topgangsta69 on Jan. 7, 2019, 9:48 p.m.


is that guy gay or just a crackhead scammer? was it true about the blowjob and the 50k to ddw after he touched the guys kids?


  • Narcotrafficante Jan. 7, 2019

    Yes it was all true. The ddw guy put up up for around 10 minutes and then tryed to tell me to change the name and rebrand or I can not be there. He then removed us. After hugbunter touched his kids (ddw guy is into that) and then paid him $50,000 to say this is a CP forum. Not sure how far they are trying to dig themselves but the hole looks endless. I hope they enjoyed running shit for the last 10 years cause all thats about to end.

    Also big thanks to Dread for making the forum and making me that wiki on Reddit. You really are helping my business out and proving this point.