Submitted by tommy777 on Jan. 7, 2019, 11:54 p.m.

question about being banned on dread

hi wondering why i was banned on dread today. all i did was posted in the conspiracy section about the mod timothyleary snitching on cazes. he snitched on cazes and then him and hugbunter were already teamed up then when ab when down (the plan) everyone rushed into trade route. then the scammed trade route and everyone was supposed to run to wallstreet but nobody was that dumb so everyone went to dream. they were friends with dream so it didnt matter and they never lost money just the huge profits they were supposed to make. now wallstreet is starting to come up and all these crazy gp shills are trying to ruin their scam business. i think the moral of this story is they should have just paid the owner back the $10,000 they jacked off trade route. this people looked fucked.