Submitted by discountRC on Jan. 8, 2019, 7:24 p.m.

The US Govt Was A Past Customer And Tryed To Make Me A Vendor Site

Yesterday I got a message from a past customer who I mailed to a P.o. box in California around a year ago. Here are the two mesages. I will not divuldge the real information in case its a real guy but I have my serious doubts.

Message 1-


Remember me? USA California XXXXX area code.

I am a web developer and hacker.

I could help you set up your own service on a Bullet proof server out side reach of USA gov.

(add the website infomation "dox")

I have since changed identities and live in a non extradition country. If you would like assistance please contact me and we can make an arrangement

Wicker Username : XXXXXXX

Message 2-

Hello, haha Jabber? XXMP? or what ever it was called?
Yeah I'm Deff the USA GOVERMENT xD fat chance I work with the Mexican Mafia and the Russians. I moved to XXXXX because of a Warrent. When I order you still will ship to USA for my friends P.O Box I never got packages in my name I was the ring leader. I moved to XXXXX because I was running from the Goverment. for Fraud charges and Hacking.
Btw loved that last shipment it was Fire! Send me your Jabber and Make sure you install the OTR functions or Connect to IRC XXXXXXXXXXXX I run undertUnder* the name XXXXXXXX. or join my private channel #stone. you sent to XXXXXXXXX. In XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX. I Import KG of MDMA and sell it for 8X the price. I am in no way law enforcement I would rather Kill my self then Flip or Inform On any one.

If you would like to Message me feel free. If not Oh well. I supply to Bloods and Crypts and trade MAFA molly for Cocaine and then have a distro network. I do all the web side of things.


Scammer or US government and I am leaning towards the latter. Nice try you will have to do better than that. When you tell somebody you moved to a non-extradiction country you should get your countries right. I live in one. That is not one. :)


  • SHILL Jan. 8, 2019

    who the fuck did that retard think he was dealing with. this isnt the special needs place like dread.

  • SHILL Jan. 8, 2019

    lmao! That went from seemingly professional to absolutely 'hood rather quickly.