Submitted by tommy777 on Jan. 9, 2019, 4:53 a.m.

photo of my new best friend =)

i think i may have met my new best friend today. i dont think i made a mistake on this one. i introduced him to narco today and we all had a chat. i think this is the one we been searching for our whole life. they seem to have a good heart and for sure not a scammer. the only thing is we hope the will stay here with us. they seemed very confident that the job could be done easily.

i have a feeling the next few months we are going to see a lot of new things happening on the darknet. ddw and the cp gay tag alongs dread will be out of the picture by the years end. we are going to be working on bringing the darknet a new look and not so dark. we new we were going to be the leaders into the revolution of the world ever since the day we were born we just didnt know how. but now recently we have all learned a lot of things and we are ready for this.

for us and this team it is about the complete opposite of the scamming and cp model that dread/ddw runs on. for us it is about free trade and making the world a better place. the us government wants to run the world on lies and stealing just like the dread model. and you know what. we are all going to start a new one here and now. we are going to change all that and make this for the good as possible as that can be.

we want to introduce free trade and bitcoin to the world and hope that we can take this to not only drugs but bring it more to a tax free haven where people can be what they want to be and not have to fear of being thrown in prisons due to corrupt governments. they declared to war on drugs so that is what we are going to give them here. we dont sugar coat things here. if they want a war. then we will bring a war. we have no fear and have one life to live so make it a good one and do onto others how you want done onto you or end up like pricebusterkings and andy. free trade no taxes and bitcoin. it starts with the drugs and ends somewhere else we have not gotten to yet. this is tor and we are anonymous now. the world is begining to change already. everything good takes time.

so narco i did what you asked i got you the new guy. i asked for a dox and this is what they sent me. here is the photo of their online identity so if anyone wants to see the the face that changed the world with me here you go.



  • SHILL Jan. 9, 2019

    I remember when timmy used to tell me I am nothing and nobody wanted me. Look at my now time I got much more than 5 eyes on me. We gon' change the world on GP!