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Variety Jones (timmy)

Despite Ulbricht's arrest and the rounding up of four of his Silk Road lieutenants, the second most important figure in that black market operation still hasn't been captured or even publicly identified. Variety Jones served as Ulbricht's security consultant, advisor, and even mentor, according to Ulbricht's journal and chat logs the prosecutors admitted into evidence at trial. The anonymous figure, who sold cannabis seeds on the site, also secretly advised Ulbricht on everything from tracking sales statistics to creating a personal cover story. It was Jones who named him the DREAD Pirate Roberts to give the impression of a rotating command rather than a single individual. And Jones also nudged the Dread Pirate Roberts toward violence, suggesting in a private chat that they murder an employee believed to have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitcoin from the site.


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    During the Silk Road's time online, its most aggressive competition came from a site called Atlantis, a Dark Web market with a similar business model, but with the addition of an advertising budget. Atlantis went so far as to post a public YouTube video ad and to host an "ask-me-anything" session on Reddit with the site's unnamed founder and its CEO. In an encrypted interview, those leaders would later describe their site to me as the "Facebook to [Silk Road's] Myspace."

    Just before the FBI bust of the Silk Road in the summer of 2013, however, Atlantis' founders shuttered their site and absconded with all their users' bitcoins. Ross Ulbricht would write in his journal that the Atlantis admins had privately warned him of a purported security flaw in Tor that inspired them to abandon ship. The Atlantis creators never resurfaced—neither online nor in the hands of law enforcement.